Tree activation, Gaia and Selfic technology

Human presence and intention are indispensable to re-establish the spiritual connection with the tree world, an alliance our species broke, forgetting that we are all part of the same living and spiritual eco-system.

The Selfic technology developed at Damanhur mediates our intention, translating it into a signal the trees can grasp and use, and furnishes the necessary, specialized and intelligent energies that allow the trees to energetically connect to one another, to the ancient matrix of “treeness”, and to the divine forces that preside over them.

The activation of a sufficient number of trees all over the world will create connections so complex that plants will unite and become like a huge living computer. Trees will process data at such a level to interact with the intelligence of Gaia herself, and intervene to re-establish an ecological and climatic balance.

Aware and fully connected trees will become once again the dwelling place for Nature Spirits, so that we can re-connect to that world too. In this way, these three fundamental spiritual dimensions of our world – the human plane, nature and the Devas – will once again be united in a whole. We humans will retrieve an important part of our collective soul, a step toward the indispensable wholeness on the path to realize our divine nature.

This activation will send a new signal to the galaxy and to the more advanced worlds, a sign of a new level of consciousness being awakened on planet earth.

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