Selfic Orienting Paintings or Spheroself

The overall coordination of the “Tree Orientation” project is coordinated by the School of Meditation of Damanhur. If you are interested in participating in orienting trees using a Selfic painting or your Spheroself, it is necessary for us to gather some data on the operations that are being performed (procedure, place, number of trees).

Please contact the School directly at the following email address: when you acquire your painting or add the Triad layer to your spheroself and let us know:

  • Name
  • How you acquired your device for orienting.
  • General area (city, state, country) where you will be orienting trees

You only have to do this once. If you travel and want to orient trees in a new area, send an email before you begin and let us know your new location. You may also ask where trees have already been oriented in a particular area of the world before you choose exactly where to orient.

Every time you go out and orient trees, when you are done send us an email with specific information about your work. You can find here the details.


Working with a Selfic Orienting Painting or a Spheroself

You can operate on your own by using a spheroself or an orienting painting, which are not necessarily owned by you. The spheroself musthave the program for orienting trees. Take either the spheroself or the painting around each tree between 1 and 3 times, either on your own or with the help of others, in the latter case by passing them from one person to the other. The tools can be kept inside baskets, boxes, bags, or rucksacks, if necessary. When working in a group and you have both tools at your disposal, you can make them go around different trees at the same time.

Selfic pendulums can be connected to an orientating painting, which can belong to a different person (as ‘ownership’ of a selfic painting we mean the unique, direct relationship built by that painting with its owner).

It is possible to connect up to 12 pendulums to an orientating painting.

The painting must be placed within a range of 10 kms (6 miles) from the location where the orienting is taking place. To operate in different conditions it is necessary to first ask the Coordination Team.


When you have orientated 6000 trees, either on your own or with a group, you can start orientating groups of about twenty trees at the same time, by surrounding an area of about 80 sqm and walking around it.

Afterwards, for the groups working with the cabin, these numbers can change depending on conditions that have to be discussed each time with the Coordination team. After a few thousand orientations you can use some means of transport in order to surround the territory, for example a bicycle, a car or a boat (like it has been done around a Hawaiian island), provided that you go slowly. It is very important, though, that you contact the Coordination Team in order to get their approval.


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