Stellar rhythms and human potential: the future of Tree Orientation

During a Thursday evening ‘serata’ meeting at Damanhur (which can be seen on livestream in Italian) featuring questions and answers about various research topics, Falco—the founder of Damanhur—elaborated on the Tree Orientation project. Here are excerpts from his response to the question…

If tree orienting is an initial, preparatory phase for uniting the three mother words: human, plant world and nature spirits, what are the next phases and how can we prepare for them?

Falco: Fortunately, many people are continuing to move forward with tree orientation, and it is also fortunate that the project proceeds autonomously after reaching some basic numbers and conditions. Tree orienting is spreading with a pretty good rhythm, and by now, the natural growth curve is definitely more than what the people themselves are producing. It is useful that people continue to orient trees, most of all in places geographically distant from one another, so that the mechanisms are activated in different areas.

We have a series of problems to confront: the void of thought, the closure of the angle between the center of the galaxy and our position within it, and other situations of this kind that we try to bypass in order to increase the signal. We are trying to increase the carrier, the basic signal, and that which cannot be circumvented is made more intense. In this way, it is possible to do what is necessary to maintain a series of contacts that are fundamental.

Why are these contacts fundamental? Because they give the rhythm, and since things must happen in the right rhythms in order to function in space-time… we need to be very attentive in following this launching window. We lack a direct and continuous view of this stellar clock, on this centrality of the galaxy, and it is not a regular rhythm like that of a clock either, but a rhythm that functions in fits and starts. So, we need to watch over it closely to know when it’s the right moment, the right rhythm, and what intervals between the rhythms we can use in order to implement various operations.

What will happen after this? Now, we need to see what will happen in the future and what is happening with respect to the void of thought, which could expand. Human intelligence—the potentialities and capacities of our species—is in decline, it lacks oxygen… Until there is an emotional shock for Italy and unfortunately all of Europe, things will keep going in this direction.

So, I hope there will be occasions and ways to exalt the aspects that the governments fear: the differences, singularities, characteristics and characterizations. Damanhurians should excel in precisely this: fiercely believing in wanting to improve oneself, in achieving higher levels of knowledge, new levels of justice, new potentials, putting oneself on the line and never stopping. Ideally, all initiates should be doing this.

With this stimulus, this drive, this will, we counterbalance and counterstrike this condition that diminishes our potentiality.

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