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The goal of the Global Tree Meditation is to bring together the groups and individuals that work with the tree beings and all others who would like to deepen their spiritual connection to nature and assist in the elevation of human consciousness. Individually we are powerful. Together we create a synergy to facilitate the evolution of all beings seen and unseen on the planet, including Gaia herself. This is a follow-up step to the activation of Earth’s Solar Plexus Chakra at Uluru in January and the Global Peace meditation in April. This sacred work with the trees serves to anchor in the new timeline.
Meditate anytime between 3-4 pm ET. Read the text below or click to hear it as a guided meditation.

Pan – God of Nature…the spirit of wild, irrepressible life essence.

Noosphere - The sphere of human consciousness that surrounds the planet and interacts with the biosphere


Find a tree in your yard or nearby …. OR if you prefer, close your eyes and visualize a tree ….. greet the tree and ask the tree if it is willing to work with you….. If the answer is yes……

Sit/stand or imagine yourself with your back against the tree
Ground feet to roots, back to trunk (or a comfortable position)
Close your eyes and breathe deeply and slowly with the tree…. When your breath is in sync with the tree, merge your heartbeat/heart center with that of the tree (take your time, enjoy, don’t rush the process).

Call on the frequency of PAN and the Great Dryad of all trees to open a channel of energy from the universe to facilitate the ascension of beloved Gaia. Visualize this cosmic stream of energy reaching the tree canopy and slowly move down through the trunk of the tree to the root system …… visualize connecting the root system to all the trees in the area, and then extending beyond the roots to the center of the Earth to energize the crystal core. Pause. Now channel this activated energy back up through the trees and radiate it out through the canopy of each tree into the aura of the planet….. BREATHE

Humanity and tree beings working together as equal partners…

Visualize people all over the world doing the same thing…. The energy emanating from the tree canopies creates a net of light which gently envelopes the planet and saturates the Noosphere with this higher vibration. Next, seed the Noosphere with the intention to energize the original blueprint of the planet (balance between humanity, the plant kingdom and the nature devas), to awaken humanity to their divinity within and to rebuild and reset the grid of love and respect between people and the natural world…… hold, set and seal the intention…. when the process feels complete slowly release the energy with gratitude.

The template and a torus of energy was seeded with four trees in Osprey, FL on March 30, 2020




Comment from Susana:

It was a very strong and beautiful experience.
This morning I went for a walk in an area near home that I had never visited before. It's a residential area where the trees are between the sidewalk and the street. There was already a strong energy and with some people I felt a strong bond, it was as if we were saying goodbye.
During the meditation I connected with a tree that is in front of my window.
The connection was strong and you felt a great energy. The energy was directed from the tree because it spread very slowly and even though at first I tried to go down to the roots it went at its own pace and I couldn't intervene.
At the beginning I felt a feeling of sadness and I was moved by its immobility (the fact that it cannot move from the ground), but above all by its dignity and dedication.
I felt that the trees are the ones that support the Earth's energy, they are energy anchor points. It seemed that this energy reached the center of the Earth, but with difficulty. I felt as if there was something disturbing their work, they had difficulty connecting the energy through its roots, as if there were waves that hindered / impeded, I felt their struggle to reach, in fact we were asked to continue with the force, not to diminish our work.
At a certain point the connection between them through their roots was possible and it completely changed the energy field, from that moment I felt a lot of peace. I felt that the work we do with them, rather than guiding them, is to free them.
From that moment on I felt that its task was to emit energy of joy. They love to see children and adults happy and joyful, their function is to maintain the harmony and joy of the planet.

A strong embrace


Wonderful! It was a fantastic connection to so many trees that I have orientated in the last years (one or the other tree was not in my conscious memory anymore).Thanks for the opportunity! 
Con voi e per voi, Gisela 

I did the global tree meditation in the Sleeping Turtles  Preserve, a beautiful little forest about 20 minutes south of where I live ....This is a photo of the sky just before I started the meditation ... I’ve only seen a rainbow around the sun two other times in my life ... a wind came through the trees just as we were starting as if to wake the trees and prepare them ... we had a gentle blessing rain during the meditation ... the wind and the rain created a song of the forest  ... we called in the Trees and opened a time capsule in the multidimensional fabric of time and space ... we felt the presence of Pan and the Great Dryad and the presence of all Trees ... it was a beautiful experience ... afterward, owl, which was often present around my house in the weeks of preparation was heard calling in the woods ... when I got home the was an eagle perched across the street from my house .... I truly felt nature respond to this sacred work ... thank you for your support ... con voi  Bev 

Meditation with the trees 10 May 2020 - 45°.

A "point" of contact

Lucertola Pepe Cibele

Listening, expecting, active action, defense. Choose and observe through the window-tendon-fog the geometric shapes inherent in nature. Man still disturbs his own interaction with the plant world, which comes to us, allowing those who wish to do so to find the personal thickening point in space-time, where they can contact plants and receive information-energy. The recommendation is to keep it very dear and close and, above all, to use it as this way you make yourself useful to the world. Everything, every event is arranged according to a precise design, insert, integrate elements that collimate the three worlds, it is movement, finally. The binary duality welcomes the third element, yes, no, perhaps. Connecting to that "point", perceiving the respective sensation/memory, thickening the emission of neuronal waves create a field of presence, which interacts directly with the surrounding environment, feeds dreams and feeds increasing density, complexity. Human integration is still possible on this planet. The plant life, whose gift of scent-color cheers not only the sight is involved in the process and protect/observer of man's evolution,

What's changed?

Actions change reality on a deeper level and with constant transformation the metamorphosis is triggered. Rituality keeps this conquered opportunity open.

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